Any participants in any Reborn events are legally responsible for their own physical safety ahead of a race. If your training ahead of race injures you, Reborn cannot be held responsible. If you get injure during warmup before a race, Reborn are not to be held responsible

During Races:
Reborn is a race through nature and the terrain is natural paths that are not always man made. Because of this Reborn are not to be held responsible for injuries of any sort, inflicted by the terrain or allergic reaction ect. Our recommendation to new runner, is to have a long warm up ahead of any race to reduce chance of a muscle injury.

Obstacles which are chosen from safety, size, danger element ect will have a volounteer standing by for assistance. Always follow the guidelines the volounteer passes on. Their main job is to make sure people, don't cheat, and make sure safety comes first for our participants. To make sure out safetu protocols are maintained, you will always have to follow the instructions of a judge. If there are in doubt in any decision, always ask a judge for clear instructions before completing the obstacles. Reborn cannot be held responsible if a participant gets injure trying to complete a obstacle

After the race
Reborn cannot be held responsible for injuries substained in past Reborn events. Bruises and minor cuts can be expected when you participate in Reborn. Claims of any kind, will be rejected

Generel safety
Red Cross will always be present to any Reborn Event, and will aid if you get injured. ON any obstacle deemed dangerous, you will always find a volounteer with a direct means of communcation to a safetymanager for secure the safety for our partipants.

Material responsibility
Reborn cannot be held responsible for damage items, such as gadgets, electronic devices ect. If you choose to bring personal gadget, they are your responsiblity.

Reborn have a stream that need to be crosses, as well as other water obstacles. Jumping head first in any water feature is not allowed. Reborn cannot be held responsible for accidents/injuries/fatalities


When you arrive at your check-in on a race day, you will be given a timechip. This chip have to be attached to your shoes, to get a accurate time. If you place the chip anywhere else, there is a risk your time will faulty. Reborn cannot be held responsible for errors in regards to your personal time. Sportstiming.dk will be responsible for all timetrials, and if you ave any quest in regards to a faluty time, contact sportstiming.dk on info@sportstiming.dk

Participants between 12-15 years old must be in the company of a adult. Participants between 15-18 must have a signed document from their parents or legal guardians.

Transport and Parking:
Reborn cannot be held responsible in regards to difficulty during transport to or from a event. Trafik jams, road construction, ect. will not be updated by Reborn. You as a participant are solemnly responsible for the transportation to or from a Reborn Event. Parking rules are in effect by standard juridical parking laws. Reborn cannot be held responsible for parking ticket, or car removals. Some sponsors have special rights and agreements with Reborn Management.

All luggage will be kept safe, under the condition we meet a set number of volounteers. Reborn cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen items, or lost/stolen lugage

Terms and conditions_
After buy your ticket, your email address will automatically be part of our loyal program. To offer you the best possible service, you will recieve a newsletter in regards to new and future Reborn Events.

Reborn claims all right to pictures and videos of visitors and participants during our events. Reborn are allowed to use these images without informing anyone on the picture, to be used in marketing and social media(website, facebook, istagram twitter, youtube ect.)